Motorola confirms kills off Webtop and Lapdock accessories

Motorola LapDock 100Rumours that Motorola would kill of its Webtop software and LapDock accessories have been confirmed. First announced with the Motorola ATRIX, recent devices such as the Motorola Atrix HD or RAZR HD did not come preloaded with Webtop and did not support the Lapdock line of accessories. Motorola provided the following statement to CNET:

“Motorola’s Webtop app helps users extend their smartphone experience to larger screens. While consumers around the world have adopted Webtop and the concept spurred a lot of innovation in the industry, the adoption has not been strong enough to justify continued resources being allocated to developing Webtop on future devices. We have also seen development of the Android operating system focus on the inclusion of more desktoplike features. Beginning with Photon Q and Droid Razr M/Droid Razr HD/Droid Razr Maxx HD, we will no longer be including Webtop on our products moving forward.”

Despite a lot of excitement when first announced, Webtop never lived up to the promise it offered and high Lapdock prices and limited functionality kept customers away.

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