Motorola pokes fun at Apple Maps in latest ad

That Apple will improve its new iOS 6 Maps app over time is not in question. But until it does, its competitors will see its current troubles as one of the few chinks in Apple’s armour. Case in point is Motorola’s latest ad:

Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.

Motorola iLost RAZR M ad
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Mapping software is now a standard feature on smartphones. For the first time in what seems like a long time, Apple has given its competitors something that they can use to sway buyers from one device to another. It will not be enough on its own it but could could be that little bit extra needed to tip more than one decision away from Apple.

Food for thought: Is it time to coin the term ‘MapsGate’ to describe Apple’s latest public relations nightmare?

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