Rumour: Google to announce next Nexus device in “next 30 days”

Google AndroidWhile there have been a number of recent rumours about Google’s next Nexus device or perhaps even devices, they have been quite scattered For example, there’s a US$99 Nexus tablet, a 3G Nexus 7 tablet, and a 5-inch Google Nexus 5 smartphone by HTC. Things could be about to get clearer though.

Citing “three different industry sources,” Android And Me now reports that Google will launch their next Nexus smartphone within the “next 30 days”. The report adds that the next Nexus has already been leaked and will come with a new version of Android. Rather than a major release, it will be a point release though. Perhaps the Android 4.1.2 release that we already heard about?

The report then conjectures that Google could use the an interview between Walt Mossberg and Andy Rubin during AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile at the end of October to launch the new smartphone. It adds that the Nexus could be a variant of the upcoming LG Optimus G.

With Samsung also rumoured to be working on a Nexus smartphone, perhaps we will see more than one device announced after all. What do you think?

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