Rumours of BBM heading to Android and iOS resurface

Rumours a year ago suggested that Research In Motion could bring its BBM platform to Android and iOS as the popularity of apps that offer similar functionality but across different platform continued to grow. Images obtained by TechnoBuffalo now suggest that while the rumours died down, the work at RIM did not.

Rumoured BBM for Android screenshot

The images show BBM for Android version 0.8.87 running on a QVGA display device.

According to TechnoBuffalo‘s source, RIM plans to offer BBM for both Android and iOS, possibly as part of its BlackBerry Mobile Fusion enterprise service. The report adds that RIM is on track to launch BBM for Android sometime this year with an iOS launch more unclear.

With RIM now exploring options that it would not have considered only months ago, we could well see BBM on platforms other than Android before too long. Then again, this rumour might fade away like others before it.

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