Square mobile payment system launches in Canada

Square today announced that it has launched in Canada, marking its first expansion outside of the U.S. It offers a mobile credit card payment solution that consists of the free Mobile Card Reader and Square Register app. With the reader plugged into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, anyone can now safely and securely accept credit card payments.

“We are focused on making commerce easy for everyone. Square builds free tools for local businesses of all sizes and types to thrive,” said Alyssa Cutright, VP of International for Square. “We’re thrilled to introduce Canadian businesses and their customers to the most seamless and enjoyable way to do business.”

Square mobile card readerSquare charges a flat transaction fee of 2.75% per swipe (for Visa and MasterCard), with no hidden fees. Funds from swiped payments are typically available the next business day.

Square is not the first company to offer such a solution in Canada. For example, both Intuit and Moneris offer similar solutions.

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  1. No chip and pin. This is the reason why Square had never made it across the pond to the UK. There is just no way their current technology can make it here. I have to say in terms of technology and strategy mPowa exceeds Square.

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