Total Android devices activated top 250 million

Google AndroidGoogle yesterday announced its latest financial results. Revenues topped US$10 billion for the first time ever and earnings came in at US$8.1 billion (missing Wall Street expectations). The company also announced some big numbers for its Android operating system.

According to CEO Larry Page, Android has now been activated on 250 million devices, up 50 millions from their last announcement in November. Some 3.7 million Android devices were activated in just two days over the holiday weekend this past December. The company is also continuing to see about 700,000 activations a day.

Google also announced that downloads from the Android Market have now topped 11 billion. This is an increase of 1 billion apps in just over a month.

Apple announced that it had topped sales of 250 million iOS devices back in October. It appears that it will be a close race in 2012.

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