12.9-inch Apple iPad rumoured again


Rumours that Apple was working on a larger iPad tablet resurfaced today courtesy of The Korea Times. Much as earlier rumours have suggested, Apple is readying a 12.9-inch iPad for an early 2014 launch.

According to an unnamed official at a local Apple supplier, the new iPad will feature a higher resolution display than that of current models, reaching “almost ultra high-definition (UHD) quality.” The new display is reportedly already in production.

The report adds that Apple may have two reasons for offering a larger tablet model. The move would not only help it offset declining PC sales but also compete with Samsung and other tablet manufacturers looking to offer similar larger tablets. Samsung is widely expected to launch the Galaxy Note 12.2 early next year and could also be working on a larger 13.3-inch model as well.

While larger tablets may appear to be a compromise on the mobility offered by smaller models, consensus is building that these could be marketed as laptop replacements rather than strictly tablets. As we pointed out earlier, not only are Android and iOS credible alternatives to more traditional operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows but optional accessories such as keyboard docks can also further bridge the gap to traditional laptops.

So, who’s game for a 12.9-inch Apple iPad? Let us know below.

Source : The Korea Times