Apple and Samsung working on 13-inch tablets

Apple iPad Air2014 could well become the year of the large tablets. Rumours of a 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet and a 12.9-inch Apple iPad tablet have been with us for some time now. Not only are those rumours back today but now comes word of an even larger tablet.

We already found out earlier today that Samsung’s oft-rumoured 12.2-inch tablet, possibly a new Galaxy Note model, now looks set to launch in early 2014. South Korea’s ETNews now adds that Samsung may have an even larger 13.3-inch tablet in the wings.

A separate report from China’s PadNews adds that Apple is testing a 12.9-inch tablet. Testing appears to be well advanced and now focused on UI debugging. It could be in production in time for a March announcement. While it’s not the first time we hear of such a tablet (some go back to July), the report adds that Apple is also looking at a 11.4-inch model.

There is little else to go on but it appears that both manufacturers are looking at these larger tablets as alternatives for customers trading up from their laptops and PCs. Both Android and iOS are quickly becoming viable alternatives to more traditional operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows. Throw in an optional keyboard dock and most customers could have a convertible device that meets all the needs previously met by their laptop or PC and more.

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