Android 4.3 spotted on HTC One Bluetooth certification

The first rumours about Android 4.3 surfaced before Google I/O and hints about the upcoming update continues to pop up while Google remains mum about making it official. The latest sighting comes courtesy of the Bluetooth SIG via an HTC One filing submitted on June 18th and approved on July 5th.

The filing identifies the device as the HTC PN071xx_Android 4.3_G. PN071 just happens to be the HTC One’s model number while the Android 4.3 is self-explanatory. The G likely stands for Google.

Bluetooth SIG certification for Android 4.3

The new certification may well have been necessary as Android 4.3 will reportedly add support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE. The Low-Energy version of the protocol will support a wider range of devices and promises to be easier to set up and manage.

Android 4.3 was recently leaked for the Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4, suggesting that Google could finally announce it shortly. Then again, we’ve been saying that for a while.

Sources : Bluetooth SIG // CNET