Samsung ATIV Q doomed by patent issues?

Samsung ATIV Q

Earlier this summer, Samsung unveiled the ATIV Q convertible tablet. Not only did its hinge allow it to be configured in four possible ways but it also supported both Windows 8 and Android. Switching between the two operating systems promised to be as easy as the push of a button. Sadly, Korea’s Naver news agency reports that the innovative tablet may have been cancelled due to unspecified patent issues.

It’s not clear what patents (if any) may have led to the device’s cancellation. Naver suggests that the issue could be the tablet’s ability to switch on the fly between operating systems. SamMobile conjectures that the necessary patents could belong to Microsoft. The U.S. company holds many patents that affect patents and earns substantial revenue from these. At the same, Microsoft may not have want to see its Windows 8 operating system sharing the spotlight with Android.

Another possibility could be Acer. The Taiwanese company recently launched the Aspire R7, another convertible tablet. Its “Ezel Hinge” lets it flip, reverse, lie flat or float to different configurations.

Acer Aspire R7

Samsung has yet to provide an official statement on the status of the ATIV Q but it is no longer listed on its website (except for the original announcement press materials).

Customers who pre-ordered the Samsung ATIV Q can likely expect to receive a refund if it is indeed cancelled.

Sources : Naver // SamMobile