Nissan unveils Nismo concept smartwatch designed for drivers

Nissan Nismo smartwatchIn another sign of the burgeoning importance of the smartwatch sector, car manufacturer Nissan has unveiled a concept smartwatch that works with cars from its Nismo (Nissan Motorsport International Limited) division. The watch connects driver to the car via Bluetooth LE and provides real-time biometric data.

Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Communications General Manager, Nissan in Europe, commented: “Wearable technology is fast becoming the next big thing and we want to take advantage of this innovative technology to make our Nismo Brand more accessible. On track, Nissan uses the latest biometric training technologies to improve the performance of our Nissan Nismo Athletes and it is this technology we want to bring to our fans to enhance their driving experience and Nismo ownership.”

Information that the the Nismo concept watch will provide includes:

  • Average speed and fuel consumption
  • Vehicle telematics and performance data while on track
  • Biometric data obtained via the watch’s heart rate monitor
  • Tailored car messages from Nissan

For those whose social life is also a competition, the Nismo watch will also be able track and rate the user’s “social performance across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram” using Nissan’s Social Speed software.

The watch features a simple snap-fit mechanism and two buttons to control its functions. It will also have a lithium battery offering over seven days of battery life under normal usage conditions.

Despite still being a concept, the Nissan Nismo Watch will be available in black, white and the flagship black and red. Even the packaging promises to show off the “unique Nismo identity.”

The Nismo Watch will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting September 10th.

Sources : Nissan // GeekLingo