BBM headed to Windows Phone 8, PCs and the web?

BlackBerry BBM

BlackBerry’s #BBM4ALL campaign looks set to go beyond the BBM for Android and iPhone apps that launched earlier this week.

The company is reportedly looking to bring BBM to Windows Phone 8 as well as both Android and iOS tablets. BBM could also hit PC’s and a web-based version could also soon be available. The rumour comes from Twitter’s @BlackBerryScoops:

In a separate tweet, @BlackBerryScoops expects that some of these additional apps will not be available for at least “two months from now.” An early 2014 launch appears likely.

Source : @BlackBerryScoops

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  1. Anybody desperate for BBM on a desktop running Windows 8, be advised that the Android BBM download works just fine provided you first download and run the Bluestacks Android emulation software. BBM can be downloaded from Google Play from within Bluestacks. The full BBM functionality appears to work and a desktop BBM icon is available by clicking the Bluestacks desktop “App” icon and dragging BBM onto the desktop. The downside is that Bluestacks can slow your machine a bit.

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