Concept Sunday: Apple iPhone 6 concept with dual screens

Apple iPhone concept with display on side

We’ve seen a number of concept devices showing us where flexible and folding displays could go in the future. Among them are concepts that show how the side of the device could become a narrow display showing notications or stock updates. Designer Isklander Utebayev has applied this idea to a future iPhone model.

Apple iPhone concept with display on side

Dubbed the iPhone 6, it essentially takes an iPhone 5 and turns the left side into a second screen. Physical buttons make way for ones on the display itself. For example, the volume controls become screen buttons and an app launcher. Utebayev acknowledges managing touchscreen buttons on the side will require a bit of ingenuity as the phone will need to be able to determine when a tap is indeed a tap and not just a finger pressing against the side to hold the phone.

Utebayev may be a little optimistic in calling this concept the iPhone 6 but it certainly builds on the promise of flexible displays. Perhaps a future generation of the iPhone will indeed use the sides as additional displays. At the same time, as our devices become thinner, side displays may not be as effective as they would be on thicker devices.

Do you think that the sides of our smartphones can become useful secondary displays? Let us know below.

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