More evidence for metal body for upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 metal frameOne of the earliest rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S5 was that it would drop the plastic case in favour of a metal one. Since then, there have been contradicting rumours as well as leaked pictures of what this new chassis could look like. Then last week came word that Samsung was considering two variants, one with a 5-inch flexible OLED display and a metal body and the other with a 5-inch AMOLED display and a plastic case. A new report today gives further credence to the metal body rumour.

According to Japan’s Emsodm, the Taiwan Economic Daily reports that Taiwan’s Catcher will supply Samsung with between 10 and 30 million metal casings. Two other companies, China’s BYD and Taiwan’s Ju Teng, will supply additional unspecified amounts. A similar report, naming Catcher as the supplier, already surfaced back in late September.

The report adds that shipment of the metal cases from Catcher is set to start this month. This would also give credence to rumours that Samsung is planning an early 2014 launch, perhaps as early as March, for the Galaxy S5.

While we cannot rule out that at least one variant of the Galaxy S5 will be wrapped in plastic, it does appear increasingly likely that Samsung is also readying a move to a higher premium metal casing for its next flagship smartphone.

Sources : Emsodm // SamMobile