Google Nexus 5 to come with 8MP MEMS camera?

Digital Optics MEMS camera sensor

While the Google Nexus 5 may be based on the LG G2 in many ways, one component that looks to have been replaced is the 13MP camera with OIS. Instead, the Nexus 5 looks to come with a less impressive 8MP camera. But, it may still manage a first in the smartphone camera world. According to additional information discovered in the recently leaked log file obtained just days ago by, the Nexus 5 could be the world’s first smartphone to come with a MEMS camera.

Digging further into the information revealed by the log file, the Italian website AndroidWorld found a number of references to a component bearing th model number imx179. A Google search reveals that this is none other than a MEMS camera module manufactured by Digital Optics.

So what is MEMS? It stands for ‘microelectromechanical system’ but that tells us little. It’s a new camera technology that promises to let cameras focus up to 7 times faster than they do now. Much like a Lyto camera, it can also shoot first and focus afterwards with its ability to take multiple shots quickly. It also operates on less than 1mW of power, helping preserve battery life.

As for the imx179 in particular, it is  8MP 1/3.2-inch camera sensor with a f/2.4 aperture.

With Google looking to improve image quality in their Nexus devices, a MEMS camera may well be a step in the right direction.

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