Google reveals Nexus 5 in KitKat statue unveiling video?

New Nexus smartphone at KitKat unveiling?Google today announced that the next version of Android, Android 4.4, will be known as KitKat. While details about what KitKat will bring are sparse for now, the time-honoured tradition of installing a statue to the Google lawn was once again captured on video. As KitKat was installed next to Jelly Bean, Honeycomb, Gingerbread and older statues, a mysterious Nexus smartphone was briefly appeared on video, leading to conjecture that this could be the world’s first glimpse at the Nexus 5.

It just so happens that the woman standing to the man in green is holding up a Nexus 4, giving us a chance to see the difference between the two devices. Gone appears to be the glass back and in looks to be a larger camera lens (a sign that Google will dramatically improve the camera’s capabilities?)

Not only is the original video now private but a second one, shot from a different angle but also showing the new device briefly, has also been made private. Fortunately, we captured and republished a copy of the first video:

The fact Google does not want us to see video of a momentous occasions such as the arrival of a new Android statue on the Google grounds certainly suggests that this was well and truly our first glimpse at the next Nexus device. Maybe the videos will resurface later after having been carefully edited to remove the footage Google does not want us to see.

Source : YouTube