Jelly Bean now on 54.5% of Android devices with KitKat staking out 1.1%

Android version distribution - December 2013The latest installment of the Android Platform Versions report is out. As usual, it tracks the devices that accessed the Google Play Store in the prior 7 days and provides a summary of the Android versions seen over the previous seven days. Designed to help developers decide which versions to support in their apps, it also continues to give us a a snapshot at the state of the Android universe at a specific point in time.

Android Jelly Bean (4.1.x to 4.3) finally became the largest slice of the pie in October. It made further progress in November, its share growing to 54.1% this month, up from 52.1% last month.

Notably, KitKat also makes its debut on the chart, staking a 1.1% share within its first month of availability. You can now find it on the Google Nexus 5 and as an upgrade for a number of devices including the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Moto X and the Google Play Editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. But that low number makes it clear that KitKat will not really make inroads until the manufacturers begin to release mainstream versions for their most popular devices.

Gingerbread (2.3.3 to 2.3.7) still accounts for nearly a quarter of the versions at 24.1% with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3 to 4.0.7) taking another 18.6%.

All in all, no major surprises this time around.

Source : Android Developers