LG continues LG G2 teaser campaign ahead of announcement

LG G2 teaserLG will unveil the LG G2 on Wednesday and it appears that the teasers will go down right to the wire. It recently released a new YouTube video called the “LG G2 Manifesto film.” It continues to push the message that “There’s no greater technology than humans” and that the LG will be “Learning from You.”

LG Korea has also released a video showing off its upcoming LG G2 QuickWindow cases and how they will work. The LG G2 will include a new feature called QuickWindow UX that will work with the case. It will allow you to control a number of functions though the “QuickWindow” without ever opening the case. Among those are managing music play, answering calls, managing alarms and simply getting basic information such as the time and weather. Amazingly, LG manages to pull this off without ever showing the LG G2 itself!

Specifications of the LG G2 surfaced earlier today thanks to a leaked user manual.

Between all its teasers and leaks, LG will not have much to really unveil on Wednesday. Or will it?

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