HTC dismisses rumours it is up for sale


That HTC is struggling these days is well known. Despite its HTC One flagship meeting with critical success, its Q2 FY13 profits were down 83% over the same quarter a year ago and the company expects to post its first ever operating loss since going public in 2002. Things did not get better when EE Times‘ analyst Alice Sun posted a rumour that HTC chairwoman Cher Wang had decided to get out of the mobile phone business and put the company up for sale. The rumour was quickly dismissed by HTC China’s Ray Yam in an alleged text message response to Mobile China Alliance’s secretary and by Wang herself at a corporate event yesterday.

HTC has followed up those dismissals with the following statement:

“Based on recent inquiries related to rumors that HTC is looking to sell the company, we want to confirm that those rumors are untrue. HTC is committed to innovation and will continue to deliver new designs and products to consumers worldwide. We appreciate the support and affirmation of our customers and have new initiatives underway to further build our global presence and a full resurgence of the HTC brand.”

Sun has also deleted her original Weibo post “for some peace and quiet.” A new post implies though that time will tell whether she was right or wrong, suggesting that this story is not quite over yet.

Do you think that HTC can continue on its own or do you foresee its sale in the near future? Let us know below.

Sources : UDN // Engadget