Motorola building “wearables design” team

MotorolaGoogle-owned Motorola is the latest company to get onto the wearable technology bandwagon. It is currently looking for a “Sr. director industrial design – Wearables” to establish and run a new wearables design team. To lead the group, it wants someone with more than 15 years of experience in the design of consumer products and/or apparel.

The role calls for someone who will “define and execute design strategies for all Motorola wearable devices” and “create compelling, usable and innovative products.”

The ideal candidate will provide strategic leadership, champion innovation and institute best practices to create a new world-class wearable’s design group within Motorola. The successful candidate is an expert in the field with the experience, vision and leadership to hit the ground running and architect a design plan for leadership in the area of wearable technologies.

Google is already involved in the field of wearable technology with Google Glass and a rumoured smartwatch. How the Google team will work with the new Motorola team remains to be seen. The field will likely be quite wide and varied and the two companies could end up focusing on different aspects. They may also cooperate as they reportedly did on the upcoming Moto X smartphone.

Motorola itself is not a neophyte in the field. It launched the ill-fated MOTOACTV back in 2011. The Android-powered device came with a number of sensors and was geared at those interested in fitness. It never caught on and may have been ahead of the times.

Sources : Motorola Mobility // The Verge