Wearable technology

Nokia unveils world’s first pair of wireless charging trousers

Nokia wireless charging trousers

There are wearables and then there are wearables. Nokia, freshly acquired by Microsoft, is once again dabbling into fashion. Following its interactive dress made up of 80 Lumia 1520 smartphones, Nokia is back with an item of clothing that could prove to be far more useful. Working with British designer A. Sauvage, Nokia has created what it calls the first […]

HTC to privately show off three different wearable devices at MWC 2014?


HTC is headed to Mobile World Congress but it is not expected to make any announcements at the event. Its next flagship smartphone will only be unveiled a month later at an event on March 25, possibly alongside the mid-range HTC Desire 8. But Bloomberg reports that HTC may use MWC 2014 to give carriers and other partners private previews […]

The latest in wearable technology: A skirt made of Nokia Lumia 1520s

Nokia Lumia 1520 dress

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the emerging field of wearables. Much of the focus has been on accessories such as smartwatches and smart eyewear but wearables are also slowly insinuating themselves into the world of fashion as well. Not only are a devices’ aesthetics something designers have to keep in mind but it is also […]

Archos bringing smartwatches and other connected devices to CES 2014

Archos smartwatch

Archos today announced that it is bringing a “most comprehensive selection of connected objects for home and self” to CES 2014. In the line of Connected Home products will be accessories like a mini cam, motion ball, movement tag, weather tag and smart plug that will help automate certain functions around the home. A 7-inch “Home Gateway” Android tablet will also be unveiled to act […]

Samsung ships SM-V700 smartwatch to Indian test center


India’s Zauba shipment tracking database continues to be a treasure trove of information about upcoming Samsung devices. We told you yesterday about evidence showing that Samsung was playing with different-sized displays for the Galaxy Note III. That same database today reveals that Samsung is readying a smartwatch accessory. A shipment notification shows that the Samsung watch, bearing model number SM-V700, […]

Motorola building “wearables design” team


Google-owned Motorola is the latest company to get onto the wearable technology bandwagon. It is currently looking for a “Sr. director industrial design – Wearables” to establish and run a new wearables design team. To lead the group, it wants someone with more than 15 years of experience in the design of consumer products and/or apparel. The role calls for […]