Motorola Motomaker headed to Best Buy in U.S.?

Motorola motomaker

There is another sign today that Motorola is getting ready to expand its Motomaker program beyond its current exclusive with AT&T. Following rumours that Verizon customers would get access to Moto X customization on November 11 comes a report that Best Buy will soon also be able to offer its customers the same. According to an “inside source,” PhoneArena suggests that Motomaker will be in the retailer U.S. stores within weeks.

The report indicates that Motomaker displays have already shipped to Best Buy locations. Once set up, customers will be able to buy a Moto X voucher and complete their purchase on the Motomaker website at home. It does appear that customers will also be able to complete the customization process in store through tablets set up specifically for that purpose. The customized Moto X would presumably then be shipped to their homes.

It remains to be seen if these Motomaker kiosks will only support AT&T purchases or if other carriers (Verizon?) will also be supported.

There is still no word as to when Motomaker could make its way to Canada.

Source : PhoneArena