New Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple iPhone with dancing ninjas and bighorn sheep

Icelandic Samsung Galaxy S4 ad

Samsung is back to its old habits of poking fun at Apple in its ads. Unlike previous campaigns that were quite humorous, this one is sure to leave many (including us) scratching their heads. The very odd ad comes from Iceland and mocks the lack of language support for Icelandic on the Apple iPhone.

The ad opens with a man using an apple, the fruit rather than the phone, as you would an iPhone. He taps, swipes, and tries to take a call. He appears less than impressed and hangs his head down at which point, a caption appears: “Galaxy S4 understands Icelandic.” Things are suddenly looking up for our friend. From happily using his Galaxy S4, he goes on to dance with what appears to be Icelandic ninjas in front of a bighorn sheep.

Rather than going on and not doing justice to this ad with our description, have a look for yourselves:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 recently topped sales of 20 million units but Apple’s iPhone 5 still appears to be outselling it.

Source : YouTube