Phonebloks posts video update and shows off Motorola Ara

Motorola Project AraThe technology behind PhoneBloks may not be available for some time yet but the concept has received an amazing response since it was first introduced in early September. The video garnered a million views in the first 24 hours alone and has since gained nearly a million supporters through its original ThunderClap campaign. An update video confirms that Phonebloks is working with Motorola on Project Ara and gives an update on what’s next for PhoneBloks.

With all this amazing support we want to take it to the next step. We found a good partner and we are going to build an open-source online platform so you can help developing it.

It is a new way of designing and making phones.

Motorola will work with the PhoneBloks community to gather input, comments and recommendation on its Ara. PhoneBloks wants to build the online community that will facilitate this exchange and wants to do it without funding from Motorola to maintain its independence. As a result, it is raising money to put the necessary infrastructure in place.

The video also shows off a concept of what Project Ara could look like (at about the 1:13 mark). Starting with an empty endo (the name Motorola has given the baseplate), modules are quickly and easily slid onto it to build a custom smartphone.

With an MDK (Module Development Kit) coming out sometime this winter, we could see some early prototypes early next year.

Let us know what you think – Do you believe that this is a project worth supporting?

Source : PhoneBloks