Rogers and Fido begin taking Google Nexus 5 reservations

Google Nexus 5With the Google Nexus 5 announcement behind us, we can expect a flurry of carrier announcements to follow to confirm that they will carry the latest Nexus flagship smartphone. First out of the gate in Canada are Rogers and flanker brand Fido.

Both have announced that they are now taking reservations for the Google Nexus 5.

As for what other carriers will offer the Google Nexus 5, it is fair to say that WIND Mobile will do so based on the premature launch of their pre-registration page a few days back. Other likely carriers are Bell and TELUS along with their flanker brands, Koodo and Virgin Mobile.

Neither Rogers nor Fido has provided specific availability and pricing details. Both could launch it as early as November 7 if earlier rumours turn out to be accurate.

Sources : Rogers Wireless // Fido