Moto X wood backplates to cost US$50 extra

Motorola Moto X wood finishMotorola’s MotoMaker already offers over some 18 backplate options to customize the Moto X. More options are expected in the future, including  premium material ones. Based on samples seen when the Moto X was unveiled, these could include some wood options. Evidence has now surfaced that these are indeed coming and may even not be far away from launching.

Digging through the Motorola website, a list of MotoMaker customization options has been located. Not only does it list current options as well as pricing. It lists a number of wooden options, including bamboo:

MotoMaker bamboo backplate option

Other wood options include Teak, Ebony and Rosewood.

A closer look at the parameters for each option reveals one additional detail. Aside from the option name, availability status, there is also a price parameter.


In the case of the wood options, this parameter shows a value of ’50.’ Currently offered options such as ‘Royal Blue’ or ‘Woven Black’ all show a price value of ‘0.’ This suggests that the bamboo backplate as well as other wooden ones could sell for a US$50 premium.

The extra cost for premium materials is further supported by the file’s cost structure of the phones themselves. Looking at the contract price, we see US$199 and US$249 options as well as an additional US$299 option. This latter option makes sense for the 32GB Moto X with a wood back plate (US$249 + US$50). The 16GB version would sell for US$249 (US$199 + US$50). The same structure applies to contract-free pricing.

There is no word yet on when wood backplates will launch although consensus suggests a Q4 timeframe. As for the cost, the current pricing could be no more than a placeholder and could still change.

Will you hold off ordering your Moto X until wood backplates are available? Let us know below.

Source : DROID Life