Smartphone Manufacturers Showing Little Interest in Facebook Home?

Facebook Home

Facebook Home launched with great fanfare back on April 4th along with the HTC First, the first smartphone built to feature Facebook Home. That fanfare died down quickly as sales of the HTC First fizzled and customer response to the software proved indifferent at best.

According to Digitimes, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony Mobile and ZTE are now all “reluctant to cooperate with Facebook” on new Facebook Home-enabled smartphones. Samsung reportedly even turned down Facebook’s request to collaborate on such a device.

Sources suggest that vendors are instead refocusing on their own solutions and improving their own user interface overlays.

As for Facebook, it has not officially thrown the towel in either. It remains to be seen if it can make the changes necessary to convince users first to give it another try but more importantly for the company to continue to use it as their preferred interface.

Facebook Home

Source : Digitimes