Sony unveils slimmer and thinner PlayStation Vita 2000

Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-2000

Sony and other mobile gaming console manufacturers are facing a significant challenge as smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the mobile gaming platform of choice. Nintendo just announced the cheaper 2DS console in a bid to maintain hardware sales and Sony Computer Entertainment today announced an update to its PS Vita console.

The Playstation Vita PCH-2000 is a relatively small update over the original Vita. It is about 20 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner but the only significant hardware changes are the bump up to 1GB of onboard storage, improved battery life (by about an hour), a micro-USB charger and a switch from an OLED display to an LCD one for the 5-inch touchscreen display which continues to offer a resolution of 960 by 544-pixels. It will be available in six colours: White, light blue, yellow, pink, gray, and black.

Sony also announced a 64GB memory card for the Vita along with new games including God Eater 2 and Final Fantasy 10.

The Sony PS Vita 2000 will go on sale in Japan on October 10th for ¥18,980 (about CA$200), about the same price as the current PS Vita sells in Canada. There is no word yet on when the updated PlayStation Vita 2000 will launch in North America.

Source : Engadget