Video: Microsoft takes aim at iPad Air and Galaxy Tab tablets with Surface 2 ads

Microsoft Surface 2Nokia is not the only company taking potshots at Apple and the new iPad Air. Microsoft has launched a series of ads that tout features that its tablets, in particular its Surface 2, have that its competition does not. Each Surface 2 ad is under a minute and focuses on one particular feature and how it makes the Surface 2 better than its competitor.

First in Microsoft’s sights is the Apple iPad Air. It points out that the Surface 2 comes with a number of ports, including USB, rather than just one, a built-in kickstand, a hands-free mode that helps keep the screen clean and support for multiple user accounts.

Microsoft also takes aim at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Again, the focus is on features missing from its competitor’s offering. In this case, it points to the fact that the Surface 2 comes with Office 2013 and multiple account support.

One point in the new ads’ favour: They don’t show inaccurate calculations!

Let’s see if Microsoft’s competition returns the favour in future ads.

Source : YouTube