Video: Nokia pushing for return of mullets in Lumia 2520 ad

Nokia ad for Lumia 2520There are different takes when it comes to holiday ads. We’ve seen Samsung use Santa Claus to show off the Galaxy Gear to his elves (who are, needless to say, left agog) and how a misunderstood teenager uses his iPhone 5S to show his family that he does get Christmas. But I don’t think any will top the Nokia Lumia 2520 ad that Nokia UK released today on YouTube.

There is nothing festive about the ad called “Nokia Lumia 2520: For Work. For Play.” It is instead a truly unusual ad that attempts to bring back the mullet which is supposed to embody the spirit of both work and play – Business at the front, party at the back. You almost expect Nokia to trumpet that this was filmed by someone like David Lynch or Tim Burton (or the both of them).

It’s not the first time that Nokia has come out with weird ads for its products. Do you remember the recent Taekfoto ad or its Lumia 925 ad featuring low-light photography zombies? Nokia would have been better off to release this ad at Halloween.

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Source : YouTube (Nokia UK)