Video: New Nokia ad says smartphone picture taking is a martial art

Nokia Lumia 1020 Taekfoto adIf your smartphone photos are still lacking, there is new hope today for you today. Called Taekfoto, this martial art form, billed as the art of smartphone camera combat, promises to allow you to finally take better pictures.

“I know all smartphones, none have smart camera,” says Taekfoto master Rez-Tu-Lo, explaining why he invented this rather unique martial art. “You will have the moves you need to fight your way to the front row.” He even demonstrates a few of the moves, leaping onto a larger person to snap a picture or using a move similar to The Force to push back a row of fellow picture takers.

All that stands between you and Taekfoto mastery are 250 lessons – and a big wallet. Fortunately, Nokia is quick to point out that there is an alternative. It suggests that its own Lumia 1020 with the 41MP PureView camera will spare you having to learn Taekfoto and still deliver those incredible shots.

The ad was posted on YouTube by Nokia UAE. It turns out that Rez-Tu-Lo already featured in an earlier ad showing the Lumia 1020 being airdropped in Dubai (as part of Eric Schmidt’s plan for world peace?). He only made a short appearance in that last ad but it was enough to reveal that he did not seem to be up to any good. Could there be another video feature in the future featuing a showdown between Rez-Tu-Lo and the Nokia Lumia 1020?

Have you already used Taekfoto to get that perfect shot? Let us know below.

Source : CNET