Video: Samsung Galaxy Gear helps you get the girl?

Samsung Galaxy Gear ad

Samsung has a new ad out for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Called ‘Are you geared up?’ it purports to show you how the GALAXY Gear can make winter sports fun. Instead, the two and a half minute video ends up like a sped up romantic comedy where Jack uses his Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to get the girl while his hapless competitor outfitted with a generic smartphone provides the so-called comedic relief.

Skiing is a fun sport, but there are times when it can be inconvenient due to the thick clothing and equipment.

That’s where the Samsung GALAXY Gear comes in, a wearable device you can use while enjoying winter sports.

The GALAXY Gear is useful during times when your hands are carrying your ski poles or snowboard. You can easily send/check messages, make/receive calls and take snapshots or record videos for those precious moments.

Jack proceeds to impress Aimee with classic lines like “Hey, pretty lady!” and all the things that his Galaxy Gear can do, include taking pictures and video of her snowboarding, locating his phone in a busy club and selecting that perfect wine to sip on an empty balcony.

Needless to say, in the end, Jack and his Samsung Galaxy Gear get the girl.

All in all, not as odd as Nokia’s Lumia 2520 homage to mullets but far from a classic as well.

Source : YouTube (Samsung Mobile)