Video: Samsung launches first Galaxy Gear ads

Samsung Galaxy GearFollowing the launch of its first ad featuring both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, Samsung has now released a couple of ads that put the spotlight on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Rather than focusing on its features, the ads give us a quick history lesson on how smartwatches have been seen in popular entertainment over the past few decades.

Will showing us how smartwatches have been used by the likes of Knight Rider, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Fred Flinstone really help convince consumers that they need a smartwatch of their own? Maybe the message is that if it’s good enough for Dick Tracy and Captain James T. Kirk, it’s good enough for us.

A third ad does focus on what the watch can do by showing off features to passerby in New York City:

“We’re in the future, guys. It’s right here on my wrist.” Watch Galaxy Gear get introduced for the first time on the streets of NYC and learn more about the features that make it The Next Big Thing.

Having acknowledged that the Galaxy Gear “lacks something special,” Samsung is already working hard on the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.