Video: Watch the LG G Flex self-heal

Self-healing LG G FlexThe LG G Flex is getting a lot of attention across the world for being the second smartphone in the world to come with a flexible display. But it also comes with an equally interesting power: It has the ability to heal itself of small scratches. LG compares this to Wolverine’s healing power.

LG has now released a video that gives us a closer look at this healing factor. It shows a machine repeatedly scratching the back of the smartphone and the scratches then fading over the span of a few minutes.

LG warns that there are limits to the LG G Flex’s healing powers. While it can fix light scratches that occur in every day life, it will not be able to fix more serious ones that can occur when the smartphone is dropped or deliberately scratched. It also warns that various environmental factors including temperature can affect the self-healing capabilities.

Needless to say, LG does not reveal all its secrets but the self-healing power is tied to a special elastic coating on the back of the device.

The LG G Flex is launching in South Korea today. LG is also looking at expanding availability to a number of other global markets and there are signs that we could see it in the U.S. (and hopefully in Canada) a bit later.

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