Video with demo of Active touch and more on DROID Ultra


A new video from Motorola walks us through the new DROID Mini, Ultra, and MAXX, but then the fun really begins as the Motorola Reps grab a gorgeous Red DROID Ultra and demonstrate the new Active Touch, Touchless Control, and the new camera functions called Quick Camera.

With the Active Touch feature you get more than just a pulsating notification light…a portion of the display turns on to reveal part of the actual notification, where you can choose to dismiss it or see the entire message.

The Touchless Control allows the phone to listen to you and perform tasks without ever having to touch the phone once you say, “OK Google Now.” After saying that, you can use any of the Google Now commands and your phone will respond. In addition, you can use the command, “Call my DROID,” and your phone will ring allowing you to locate your DROID.

The Quick Camera feature allows you to use gestures to control certain aspects of the camera. For instance, a couple flicks of your wrist will turn on the camera and allow you start taking pictures immediately. A swipe to the left brings up the settings, a swipe to the right saves the picture to your gallery, zoom in or out by moving your finger up and down, touch the screen to take one picture or hold your finger on the screen for a burst of pictures!

Watch the video and lets us know in the comments what you think of the new DROID line up of phones on Verizon.

Sources : Droid Life // Verizon Wireless