Another image of the upcoming Amazon smartphone

Rumoured Amazon smartphone

When the first images of the upcoming Amazon smartphone surfaced last month, few details about the device itself could be made out as it was wrapped in a protective case meant to hide its appearance until its announcement. A new image has emerged today which finally reveals the smartphone in all its naked glory. Obtained by BGR, its authenticity has reportedly been confirmed by “multiple trusted sources.” It is not an actual photograph but a render created for internal use by Amazon’s graphic designers.

The new image confirms that the Amazon smartphone will be an all-touch affair. In fact, it could easily be confused for many other devices already on the market. Of note though is that the power and volume buttons appear to be on the left side rather than the right. This latest image also does not show the four front-facing cameras expected to track the user’s head movements to create a custom glasses-free 3D experience.

While it is not possible to gauge the size of the smartphone solely with these images, BGR‘s sources say that it is “a bit large but is reasonably comfortable to use with one hand.” Amazon’s gesture controls and interface are designed to make one-handed operation as easy as possible.

As far as specifications go, the Amazon smartphone is expected to come with a 4.7-inch HD (720×1280) display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and six individual camera modules (with four to be used for the interface). Amazon will once again use a forked version of Android. As such, it will not come with support for Google Play but instead for Amazon’s own mobile app store and other services. According to other rumours, Amazon could also launch an Amazon Prime data plan with the device.

Amazon is expected to unveil its first smartphone in late June with shipments to begin as early as late September. It should also be followed by additional smartphones, including a cheaper model known as Project Aria.

Source : BGR