Apple iOS 8 to include split-screen feature

Apple iOS 8 logo

Apple last week unveiled iOS 8 at it WWDC 2014 keynote. The latest version of its mobile operating system is set to introduce a raft of new features including interactive notifications, the new HealthKit platform with Health app, an improved keyboard as well as the ability to support other software keyboards and the Continuity functionality that makes it easier to transition from one device to another mid-task. A developer has found at least none more feature that Apple did not announce: Support for split-screen.

App developer Steve Troughton-Smith found code in the SDK that reveals that iOS 8 will be able to run apps simultaneously while sharing the display. Users will be able to choose from “one-quarter size, one-half size, or three-quarter size.” A further tweet indicates that the panes will have sizes of 341, 512 and 682 points (with 1024 points being full screen).

While there is nothing to say that the feature could not be offered on the iPhone, especially if models with larger displays are introduced later this year, this feature is most likely to be most effective on the Apple iPads which have larger displays and can more comfortably display two apps side-by-side.

Apple likely chose not to introduce the split-screen feature at WWDC 2014 because it remains unfinished at this point. With the final version of iOS 8 due out later this fall, it still has time to give it the polish necesary to include it in the final release. We’ll have to see if it does indeed make the cut.

Split-screen functionality is already offered by LG and Samsung on some of their smartphones and tablets.

Source : SlashGear