Is this the Apple iWatch?

Rumoured Apple iWatch renderWith Apple expected to launch the iWatch in the October time frame, we can expect the leaks and rumours to come in fast and furious between now and then and not all will be accurate. Today kicked off with the alleged first images of an Apple iWatch prototype courtesy of the hit-and-miss TK Tech News. The image was promptly pulled down with no explanation. We were able to grab a copy of it but there is little that can be gleaned from it:

Rumoured Apple iWatch?

The watch had been reportedly spotted while being worn and tested by athletes working with Apple.

A new post quickly followed showing renders of what is clearly an Apple smartwatch and asking whether they were renders of the device. These are not leaked but were instead produced by Italy’s SET Solution. They show a smartwatch with a curved rectangular 2.5-inch curved OLED display (something past rumours suggested). Powered by iOS 8, it promises up to 6 days of battery life (that would be impressive!) and packs a range of health sensors. It measures 61 by 35 by 5 millimeters.

Apple is rumoured to be readying two iWatch models. The Sport model will sport a rectangular display and will come with an array of sensors for blood pressure, heart rate, body temp, outside temperature, barometric pressure, compass and blood oxygen level. The Designer model will be more fashion-focused and will sport a circular design and a stainless steel construction.

At this point, given that the Apple iWatch image has been pulled down, we can only surmise that it was a fake. Or did Apple’s legal department quickly spring to action?



Sources : TK Tech News // SET Solution