LG trademarks G4 name

LG G4 USPTO trademark filingThe LG G3 has yet to land in many countries that LG is already thinking about its successor. With development cycles being what they are, it should come as no surprise that LG is already working on devices for next year. While it may be a bit too early to think about specifications, it appears that LG is looking to release the LG G3’s successor as the LG G4 if a trademark application is any indication.

In fact, LG filed the original request all the way back in 2011 (that’s long term planning!). Last month, it requested an “extension of time” which was granted by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to ensure that the trademark did not expire.

At this point, it is too early to tell whether LG will even release an LG G4 next year. A change in branding strategy could see it launch under a completely different name. Whether it launches as the LG G4 or something else, we will likely see it about a year from now.

In the meantime, you will soon be able to get your hands on the LG G3. It is making its way to the U.S. starting in July (Sprint pre-orders start on July 11) and Canada on August 1.

Source : USPTO