ASUS to unveil smartwatch with curved display at IFA 2014

ASUS IFA 2014 teaser

ASUS has been widely expected to enter the smartphone arena this year for some time now. It effectively confirmed it with an IFA 2014 teaser last week that featured a watch’s silhouette. A second teaser has now given us a better glimpse at what it could have in store for us with the first ASUS smartwatch.

The sketches clearly show a watch-like device. The display appears to be slightly curved, perhaps to better fit around the wrist. Handwritten notes also promise a sand-blasted finish, a glass watchface and a genuine leather armband. No buttons are visible.

The profile drawing does suggest a thinner smartwatch than we have seen from other manufacturers to date. If so, it would confirm rumours that it will be the thinnest Android Wear device yet. It will also reportedly sell for between US$99 and US$149, making it the cheapest Android Wear on the market unless someone else comes out with a cheaper model.

The same quote from Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese artist, poet, and writer that we saw on the last teaser appears again: “Time has been transformed and we have changed.” The Facebook image is accompanied by a caption that reads “Here is a glimpse of #ASUSwearable, which will be one of the highlights at #IFA2014 in Berlin.”

All should be revealed in just over a week at ASUS’ IFA 2014 press event on September 3.

Source : Facebook (ASUS)