Concept Sunday: 4.7- and 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 concept by Federico Ciccarese

If recent rumours are any indication, Apple will launch at least one new iPhone with a larger display later this year. A 4.7-inch model is widely expected to be accompanied by an even larger 5.7-inch model (perhaps as a separate product line), marking only the second time in the iPhone’s history that the display size will increase. While nothing has been confirmed by Apple, we’ve already seen a number of concepts, some of which we have featured as part of Concept Sunday. Among the latest to do so is designer Federico Ciccarese who offers up both a 4.7-inch model with a resolution of 750 by 1338 pixels and a 5.5-inch model with a resolution of 878 by 1568 pixels.

Apple iPhone 6 concept by Federico Ciccarese

Sporting a metal frame, they feature a curved back rather than the current flat design. They also feature very thin, read barely there, bezels that give the display an almost edge-to-edge look. It also appears to incorporate the Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanner Apple introduced with the iPhone 5S.

Here are are the two concepts next to the current flagship iPhone 5S (with its 4-inch display):

Apple iPhone 6 concept by Federico Ciccarese

There is no word on what specifications Ciccarese expects his concept iPhones to sport.

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Source : Ciccarese Design