Concept Sunday: BlackBerry L with slide-out keyboard

BlackBerry L conceptConcept BlackBerry devices have proven popular of late. We’ve featured a number of these including the BlackBerry Q40 in the past. The latest is the BlackBerry L by Andrew Zhilin. It design merges the squarish look of the BlackBerry Passport with a sliding and rotating keyboard.

Specifications of the BlackBerry L are not provided but it could well use the same 4.5-inch (1440×1440/480PPI) display as the BlackBerry Passport. With the keyboard sliding out of the way when not needed, it would be a shorter device albeit likely thicker. It sports a traditional four-row keyboard with the famed BlackBerry frets. It would also come with a rear camera, dual speakers at the top of the device and HDMI and micro-USB ports on the side.

BlackBerry L concept

Interestingly, the keyboard not only slides out but also rotates on itself. It’s not immediately clear what the benefit would be of having the keyboard rotate though. It certainly looks interesting but we’re not sure how it would be useful on a square device.

BlackBerry L concept

Should the BlackBerry Passport prove to be a hit for the company, we may well see more handsets with square displays in the future and one may well have a sliding keyboard like the BlackBerry L.

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