Concept Sunday: Spinner Phone

Spinner Phone conceptJonas Daehnert, better known as Phone Designer, is back with a new concept smartphone. Called the Spinner Phone, the compact device comes with a camera module that can rotate to face front or back. Instead of two cameras, one manages all your needs.

The camera module sits in the top right corner. It can rotate on itself to face either forward or backwards. Not only would the manufacturer potentially save some money by only having one camera but users would likely benefit from what would likely be a better than average front-facing camera. The camera flash is not part of the rotating module and would would only work when the camera is facing the rear.

Spinner Phone concept

Daehnert provides only a few details about the Spinner Phone’s specifications. It comes with a 4.7-inch display and is powered by Windows Phone. Only 7 millimeters thick, it is built with aluminium and plastics. The sides appear to sport a textured finish, a faux leather finish perhaps, that might help grip the phone more securely.

Cameras with rotating cameras do not just belong to the realm of concept devices. The OPPO N1 is a well-known Chinese smartphone that features a rotating camera.


Source : Facebook (Phone Designer)