More details emerge about upcoming LG G Watch

LG G WatchWe got a few new details about the LG G Watch yesterday when both the boot sequence and watch faces were leaked. A system dump was also leaked at the same time and people have already gone through it to learn more about the upcoming smartwatch powered by Android Wear.

The build.prop file in particular has revealed a number of interesting new details. It turns out that the LG G Watch sports the codename Dory, a type of fish and a name that seems to fit with Google’s own Nexus codenames which are all fish-based. This could suggest that the LG G Watch is indeed the reference device for Android Wear. The file also reveals that the LG G Watch will be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8226) processor clocked down to 787MHz and Android 4.4W KKV51. The W designation could be an Android Wear designation for build KKV51.

In terms of apps and functionality, the LG G Watch will come with a pedometer, a remote shutter function for your smartphone’s camera, support for various notifications and the more traditional watch functions. The presence of a MicroDeskClock.apk suggests that it will be possible t use the watch as a night stand alarm clock as well.

The file dump also reveals a wide range of backgrounds, including for Google Now as well as weather and event apps. Three are pictured below but there are far many more. It also appears that there will be a “Zen” mode that allows you to disable notifications.

Rumoured LG G Watch backgrounds

The LG G Watch is expected to launch later this month (with a formal announcement at Google I/O 2014 perhaps?). It could sell for as low as US$199 (about CA$220).

Sources : Phandroid // GSMArena