New Android logo revealed in LG G Watch boot sequence?

New Google Android wordmark?More LG G Watch news today. The upcoming smartwatch’s boot sequence animation appears to have been leaked. While only mildly interesting in itself, the sequence suggest that Android’s current wordmark is about to get an update. Relatively unchanged from the days that Android first launched just over five years ago, it appears that Google may have decided to give it a new look (pictured above). The new Android logo appears at the end of the alleged boot sequence:

The boot sequence was leaked by @upleaks who bills himself as a “Chinese Phone Leaker.” Other tweets give us alleged glimpses at some watchfaces:

Rumoured LG G Watch faces

Best of all, it appears that a launch is not too far away. @upleaks indicates that the LG G Watch will go on sale on Google Play in the U.S., UK and Germany as well as Australia and Japan. LG is also set to sell it directly in the Czech Republic. There is no word on availability in Canada though.

Best of all, it appears that LG is ready to launch the LG G Watch in a number of countries, including the U.S.

Source : @upleaks