More evidence red Google Nexus 5 coming

Rumour red Google Nexus 5 packagingWhen the first hints surfaced that Google was planning to launch the Nexus 5 in more colours, the evidence was less than overwhelming. But the rumour gained credibility when another image showing a red Nexus 5 surfaced. Now images of the retail packaging have surfaced courtesy of @artyomstar, once again showing the Nexus 5 in red.

The first images that came through today showed the retail box rather than the device itself. But they were quickly followed up by images showing the Nexus 5 in its box:


Rumoured red Google Nexus 5

Unlike the white model which only has a white backplate, it appears that the red model will be like the black one, a single colour that wraps front to back.

As for other colours, a yellow model also appears to be in the works. There could also be additional colours.

There is still no word on when and where Google will launch the red Nexus 5.

Source : @Artyomstar