Motorola begins Moto X, Moto G and Moto E Android 4.4.3 update rollout

Motorola logoAs if more confirmation was needed that the Google Android 4.4.3 update is now starting to roll out, Motorola today announced that it will today begin pushing out the update to its line of Moto devices, including the Moto X, Moto G, Moto G with 4G LTE and Moto E.

The rollout is starting with the following devices:

  • Moto X for T-Mobile
  • Moto G users who bought online in the U.S. (includes Moto G 4G LTE) and at retail in Brazil
  • Moto E users who bought online in the U.S. and Canada. For Moto E users, you are still up for the next major Android update as well. Consider this the cherry on top.

With the Moto E not yet available in Canada but expected later this month, Motorola can even claim to have the update out before the device is available!

Google Android 4.4.3 brings with it the following changes:

  • Improved dialer with a new interface and new colors to enhance consistency and usability
  • Several stability, framework and security fixes
  • Enhancements to the power profile capabilities

Motorola is also throwing in some features for its Moto devices:

  • Improved camera image quality for Moto X including better consistency of exposure, more realistic flash coloring, and improved photos in low light conditions using front camera.
  • For Moto X and Moto G, pausing for video recording with a convenient pause/resume button on the viewfinder.
  • Motorola Alert in this update for Moto X and Moto G users. This new app helps give peace of mind by sending periodic messages to the contacts you choose.

As always, if you have not yet seen the notification, you can trigger a manual check by selecting Settings -> About phone -> System Updates -> Check now on your Moto smartphone.

Source : Motorola Blog