HTC said to have cancelled smartwatch plans

Rumoured HTC smartwatchHTC described the wearables market “a critical segment for us” last October. Flash forward nearly a year and it appears that HTC has reconsidered this statement. While there were a number of rumours suggesting we could see an HTC smartwatch announcement this week, they all proved wrong as HTC unveiled only its new HTC Desire 820. Now comes word that the company has dropped plans to release a smartwatch for now.

Citing “sources familiar with the matter,” Pocket-lint yesterday reported that the company had abandoned plans for an updated version of the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. While no reasons were provided, it is believed that “rising costs and a lack of wow factor” were two key factors in the company’s decision.

Unlike many smartwatches, the Qualcomm Toq used a Mirasol display. But the launch of devices such as the Moto 360 and LG G G Watch R, both devices powered by Android Wear, suggest that the market is quickly evolving past the angular designs of such early models and a unique display technology may not have been enough to distinguish it from the competition.

What’s not so clear is the fate of the rumoured Android Wear HTC One Wear smartwatch. Was HTC going to use the Qualcomm Toq hardware with Android Wear or is it now refocusing its efforts on the latter? Perhaps such a device never even existed. Whatever the case, it appears that anyone hoping for an HTC smartwatch will have to wait a while longer.

Source : Pocket-lint