Is this image the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab?

Rumoured HP Slate 6 Voice TabDetails continue to emerge about the devices that will mark Hewlett-Packard’s return to the smartphone market. Following the appearance of the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab on a couple of websites including the Bluetooth SIG’s, PhoneArena has obtained a single picture of what it could look like.

Reportedly taken from a presentation at HP’s R&D labs, we get to see the device’s back, revealing a white device with a prominent HP logo. A camera can also be seen above the logo. All in all, it appears to be a pretty typical design with nothing that leaps out immediately as being unique.

According to the report’s source, the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab will come with a 1GHz quad-core Marvell processor, an HD (720×1280) display and dual-SIM support. Based on the device’s name, the display will presumably measure about 6 inches. This all lines up neatly with earlier rumours.

Once again, the price is reported as falling in the US$200 range without contract. It will be aimed at emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

HP is also planning a larger 7-inch model about which less is known. It should sell for US$250 and will again be aimed at emerging markets.

An earlier rumour suggested that Hewlett-Packard could unveil the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab as early as sometime this week.

Source : PhoneArena