Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport fast-charging 2,900mAh battery?

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

Following yesterday’s rumour that revealed that Samsung was planning to release the Galaxy S5 with both plastic and metal cases comes word today about the battery that it could sport. PhoneArena has learned that the next Samsung flagship smartphone could sport a new type of Li-ion battery packing a larger capacity.

According to the report, this new Li-ion type of battery s capable of storing up to 20% more energy in the same footprint. As a result, it will come with a capacity of 2,900mAh compared to the Galaxy S4’s 2,600mAh battery but still be no larger. The capacity bump is made possible thanks to a switch from a graphite anode to a silicon one.

The new battery will also support a rapid charging technology. It would allow it to be fully recharged within two hours.

The battery will reportedly be produced by Amprius. This Silicon Valley startup’s batteries are already used in other electronic devices and it is now starting to bring its technology to smartphone manufacturers.

Aside from being available in either a plastic or metal case, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will reportedly come with a Samsung Exynos 6 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor (depending on market), 5.25-inch WQHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display and a 16MP camera. It could be unveiled in mid-March at a dedicated press event.

Source : PhoneArena